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Top 5 Online Photography Forums

Looking to learn more from your photography colleagues? Online photography forums are the best way to discuss your passion with others from any location and at any time. Whether you are looking to discuss the latest camera equipment or talk about how to pull off a tricky photo shoot, the following five photography forums will help you meet the people who may have the answers you need.

New Bright Apples
New Bright Apples is an online photography community featuring an array of educational resources for all photography skill levels. Read articles written by fellow photographers, search the classified ads for equipment and job openings, learn more about taking pictures in the online classroom and chat with other photographers in the forum. New Bright Apples is a true “one stop shop” for those looking to immerse themselves in all things photography.

Canon Digital Photography Forums
Are you a follower of all things Canon? If so, the Canon Digital Photography Forums website is for you. This forum is made up of a community of photographers who are looking to discuss Canon digital cameras and equipment. Some threads can be quite technical in content, but users also post great reviews that are helpful for anyone looking to purchase new or used equipment.

For photographers who prefer Nikon, there is also an online forum for you, too. The Nikonites site is a fully-loaded website that features Nikon products, blog articles, example photo galleries and a community forum. The photo gallery is a nice complement to the forum, because it includes information for the make, model, date, time, ISO, flash speed, software, F stop and focal length, making it easy for you to try to duplicate the photographic conditions.

The PhotoForum
This forum covers both digital and film photography and includes several photo galleries that are great for beginners who are learning new techniques and genres. Threads are well organized, and the site design is easy for users to navigate. The Photo Forum also holds regular photo contests for community members.

Pixtus is great, because it features several “how to” videos. These are perfect for beginner and intermediate photographers looking for free photography technique tips. The site’s forum is well-organized and easy to navigate. For community members living in the United States, there are also threads for each region of the country, in case you want to get to know your neighbors!

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Best Mobile Applications for Photography

With advent of App store, mobile photography has come long way with all the latest technologies and effects embedded in them. These days, there is no excuse for a bad photographer, especially for smart phone users. By creating a separate category in the App store, Apple its self has given a significant value to this segment. Below are the best application that photographers must have to come out with awesome photographs.

1.Instagram: This is the most popular camera mobile application. One can not list photography applications with out instagram. With over 15 million users love this application and this is completely free. Below are some features that made this app so popular.

 100% free custom designed filters and borders such as Xpro-II, Early bird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi and many more.

 Unlimited uploads with instant sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous.

2.Camera +: With more than 7million users, Camera+ takes the second position in this list. Exclusive touch exposure, exclusive photo flash light, highest (6x) quality zoom, scene modes & flash, stylish design borders and dozens of amazing features are some features that are making this application to woo the users.
One can share their creations with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. There is a recent fantastic update 3.0.2 from the developers to fix all the errors of the application.

3.PicFrame: If you are looking to combine your multiple photos in to a amazing looking frame them this is the best application to download. With 60 fully adjustable frames, rounded corners, photo effects, shadows, zoom, pan, rotate, mirror image of the photo, change the border width and finally share the image via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr are the main features of this application that will make the image to have a unique look.

4.Hipstamatic: Are you the lover of analog photography, then this is the must app to download. This not definitely the quick shot app. Hipstamatic brings back the look and feel of cameras of the past. To say, this mimics the old vintage plastic cameras.
To shoot a picture, there are virtual operations that can to be performed like ability to swap lens, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger. Like any other photography application, one can share their creations in social media platforms.

5.360 Panorama : With this app, beautiful panoramas are made easy. One can easily capture panoramas instantly. By simply rotating the camera 360 degrees images are stitched seamlessly. This app is developed to take full advantage of the smartphone like unbeatable speed, magical gyro viewing, GPS tagging facility to the images. These images can be shared in all social media platforms.

These are some of the best applications in the App store. If you are a fan of photography and want to make it simple by developing an application for the mobile then you can consider the best iPhone application development company who can deliver the best output for your concepts and ideas.

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Photo Books: a Great Way to Organize Your Digital Photos!

With the advancement of digital photography, it is today easier than ever to capture all the special moments that occur in our life.

However, the fact that it is so easy to take pics became a double-edged sword! We now take tons of photos and do not know what to do with them! So instead of enjoying those beautiful captured memories, those digital memories will sit in our camera or computer’s hard drive in JPEG format until we completely forget about them.

One of the ways to solve this problem is by making personalized photo products for each special occasion, whether it be a holiday, anniversary, night out with friends or a week-end getaway.

Photo Books vs Old School Photo Albums

There are now many companies that allow you to create your photo books online, by uploading your pictures from your computer, camera and some services even allow you to pull out the photos from a social network like Facebook or Flickr.

Thanks to technology, Photo books are much better in terms of quality and durability than old-school photo albums were! If you are born before the nineties, you certainly remember those standard photo albums that you bought at the store, then you had to slip your photos in those transparent pockets. While they did the job (at the time) those albums wouldn’t last more than a couple years, as the quality of the photos would slowly degrade and the pockets become weaker. You would often open an old album and find out that many pictures have fallen out of the pockets!

The Process of Creating a Photo Book

Today, making a photo book online couldn’t be an easier process! All one needs to do is upload their pictures to the website of the photo book company of their choosing. Then they can drag and drop the pictures into the templates that are already provided for the photo books (generally based on the occasion). Words can be added and most programs will let one adjust the pictures to their liking. And then the book will be ready to print after a quick review! No more storing all the pictures on the computer and never looking at them again. Photo books have solved the problem and will be enjoyed for years to come.

In addition, one can print multiple copies of photo books so friends and family can see and have the pictures in their own home. Photo books make up amazing gift ideas for the whole family!

Johanna Klug is an amateur photographer and mother of 3 young children. She is passionate about photography, traveling and spending quality time with her family. She blogs for Elephoto, a Canadian company that specializes in Photo Books, Customized Cards, Large Poster Prints and more!