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Make Those Perfect Holiday Snaps Shine!

So you’re on holiday and you’ve finally managed to wrangle the troops to take some happy snaps. Problem is, the photos are looking less than happy. Five sets of eyeballs squinting in the glaring sun, not to mention a few angry and hungry glares. Sounds familiar? Taking that perfect holiday picture can be a lot harder than it seems. Read on for some handy photography tips I’ve picked up during my many family jaunts.

Go Candid – You can never go wrong with candid photographs. Not only does it eliminate all the hoo-ha associated with arranging everybody and posing for a traditional snap, but taking candids also allows you to capture the real-life and interesting stuff! Keep your eyes peeled for anything and everything. Get creative and even try sneaking up and taking shots behind people as they look at things. Also, photos of people talking and laughing are good if you can manage to take the photo discreetly (before the hands fly up to cover faces).

More memory – We’ve all been there. Happily snapping away only to have the dreaded ‘Memory card full’ sign stops us dead in our tracks. The worst thing you can do is to go back and delete potentially perfect holiday pictures just to make more room for more photographs. The solution? Pack an extra memory card. Especially with most digital cameras nowadays doubling as a video camera, memory cards are prone to filling more quickly. And remember, with photo taking – there is no such thing as being economical! The more photos taken the better – nobody wants to be restricted by the size of their memory card!

Don’t be afraid of the Self – timer – Daunting as it may seem, the self-timer on your camera is actually a nifty feature to use for holiday snaps. Especially when used with a tripod, it can produce great panoramic shots as well prevent shaky camera movement for sharper photos. It’s also useful when you’re trying to take longer exposure night shots – you’re less likely to get camera shake if you don’t have to touch your camera to release the shutter. Ensure you know how to use this feature well before going on your holiday (your camera’s instruction manual will explain how to use it). After all, nobody wants to be waiting around on the edge of a pristine waterhole while you furiously flick through your Canon EOS camera booklet to figure out which settings to use!

Curtis Jones is a design and photography student who loves travelling, eating and scuba diving with the one hand, and taking photos with his Canon EOS in the other

Tips for Photographing Couples

Photographing couples is a lot more that simply taking pictures of two people. The mission is to capture the relationship of the couple. More than a simple portrait, your picture must convey love, passion, joy and many other emotions. Here are a few tips for photographing couples.

  1. Interview the couple. Before you can snap pictures that really show the people you are photographing, you have to get to know the couple and how they interact with each other. Make extra time at the beginning of your shoot to sit down and ask the couple questions. Ask about what they like about each other, favorite hobbies they enjoy, and other things they might want you to know when photographing them.
  2. Select an area that reflects their personalities. If the couple is city through and through, don’t take them into the mountains for their portrait session.  Instead, try going to a very urban area and taking pictures there. Places to consider are transit stations, libraries,  downtown areas.
  3. Consider focusing the session on a hobby. If the couple met while they were bowling, consider doing a fun bowling shoot. If cooking is what really gets them going, try having the session in their kitchen while they cook their favorite foods.  Camping sessions can be a lot of fun too if the couple is the outdoors-y type.
  4. Shoot lots of candid shots. While most couples will request posed pictures, the real magic is often captured when the two aren’t being directed.  Snap all the time during your shoot. Remember that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and without the use of film these days, it doesn’t matter how many bad shots you take between the gems.
  5. Make them laugh. Posed photographs can look really stale unless the couple is relaxed so get them talking and laughing. Capturing real emotion in the photographs will make them all the more convincing.  Try having the couple grab a bit to eat at an outdoor eatery and take pictures from across the street as they do their thing.

Focus on the Details. Not every photo has to include the faces of the couples. Consider capturing elements of their wardrobe.  A sweet photo of hand holding can show just as much emotion as a smile, especially if the hands have any identifying marks. People often display a lot of personality in the shoes they wear so consider getting a few shots for those.

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