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The Lovely Insanity Of Camping In Wisconsin


I had to laugh when my husband told me we were going camping. Not because I didn’t like camping, I loved it. However, he wanted to go camping the following weekend, over Christmas vacation. He told me this as I was hanging up his snowmobile suit, which was dripping melted snow and ice all over my clean kitchen floor, while he was sitting at the kitchen table in his insulated long underwear and wool socks, his cold, red hands wrapped around a hot steamy mug of coffee. There he sat, with that boyish, black Irish grin that could melt the heart of all whom would doubt his sanity. We lived in the northern part of Wisconsin, with current temperatures of minus 12 degrees and snow cover of about four feet deep. His idea of camping was using a tent and having a roaring fire outside on which we cooked and kept warm in between meals. My one addition to our camping trips into the wild was a canvas tarp that we used to enclose a porta-potty and assorted toiletries for quick wash ups.

Shopping At Survivalist Stores Highly Recommended

I sighed as I mentally added a crank-type emergency heater I had recently seen at a survivalist store. We had already purchased the crank-type emergency lights with thoughts of camping in the Spring. I had bypassed the heater thinking it was just a bit too wimpy of an item when we were “roughing it” in the other three seasons that we camped. I should have sensed something was in the air when he wanted to go shopping there in the middle of winter. I looked at my husband grinning like an idiot and planning our trip in temperatures that had sane wildlife safe and snug in their dens. That was the bright spot anyway. No threat of bears knocking down the porta-potty enclosure while I was inside.

Animals Are Unpredictable

I should have known better. I had thought bears hibernate all winter. Someone forgot to tell the bears that. Then again, they may have been awakened by those two Canadian Moose that decided to wander over the border and visit us on New Years Eve. Evidently, the chemicals to the porta-potty were an aphrodisiac or something when warmed up. Thankfully, no one was inside when the different animals were investigating the intriguing smells. I wouldn’t know though. My nose was frozen and I couldn’t smell anything.

Home Again With Sanity to Spare

Surprisingly, except for the bear and moose fiasco, camping in the winter was actually awesome. The tent kept us toasty warm thanks to the snow banking us on three sides. Waking up to the sight of the beautiful, white coated woodlands was like a dream I had when younger, when I walked in a winter wonderland with candy-canes lining the walkways. No candy-canes here, but, the majesty was breathtaking all the same. Returning home was rather anticlimactic. It was rather like we had transported from a fairy tale kingdom of beauty to a drab hovel instead of to a home that I loved. It was rather hard to get back into the normal life of heat, electricity, hot and cold running water and a real shower and toilet. However, when we were eventually hit by the January blizzards we were famous for, I had sanity returned.

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