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Quick tips to enhance your wildlife photography


Shooting wildlife photography can be such a wonderful pleasure. It allows a photographer to get closer to nature and branch out form other, more common work like shooting portraits, events or landscapes.

One of the most interesting approaches a photographer can use is to make his or her subject one of the more colorful members of the animal kingdom. For example, shooting birds such as a bright red robin, then intense pink feathers of a flamingo or the assortment of colors in the tail of a peacock can produce amazingly eye-catching images.

However, just like any type of photography, you want to be sure to highlight the most dynamic elements of a shot with correct technique and artistry. When shooting any animal, it’s probably a given that you’ll be working outdoors. That being the case, you’ll want to avoid shooting in excessively sunny areas is possible. Taking your shots under a cloudy or overcast sky will act as a natural diffuser to filter out the negative effects of harsh sunlight. This will be a major benefit when it comes to avoiding exposure issues.

If at all possible, the best time of the day is to shoot in the early morning or early evening to catch the naturally brilliant golden hour effect and avoid the time when the sun is at its peak.Second, be sure to shoot the animal form a far enough distance that you don’t startle it and lose the shot as it runs away or moves quickly and blurs your photo.

Third, you’ll most likely want to try to create a blurred background effect in your shot so as to make the primary focus on your subject and minimize distractions.And finally, in the editing process, you may want to increase the saturation within the image which will help to bring out the colors of the animal’s fur or feathers.Using these guidelines, you should be able to start creating your own beautiful wildlife images in no time.


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