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Birdwatching : The Adventurers Hobby

Bird watching has become an increasingly popular sport around the world. It is known as the retirement sport in some countries, although, times are changing and all types of people at different ages are now appreciating the beauty and fascination that bird watching holds. You’re like a hunter stalking it’s prey, not that you’ll kill it, but the adventure of finding a blue crane on your list and ticking it off holds a great reward.

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Where to start?

The first thing to do is to buy a pair of binoculars and a bird species book for your specific region. By doing this you can have a look at the book first and be able to start immediately in any location where you can also enjoy the surroundings. This could be a local park, local nature reserve or forest. Take a seat in a comfortable spot and keep still, after awhile birds will come out. As you see a bird, look it up in your bird book, by doing this you will start to learn more about that specific bird and how to identify it next time. It is also a good idea to take a note book with you, this way you can make your own personal notes and eventually build up a portfolio with all the birds you have spotted.

What to look for?

After a couple of years of bird watching, you will be able to tell what type of bird flew past your eyes by simply looking and analysing the bills, colour patterns, shape of the wings and how the bird reacts to the environment. Some bird watchers become so distinguished they are able to tell a species from the call notes that a bird signals. Bird watching is like learning an instrument, it takes time, patience, practise and often a couple of lessen from someone more experienced. It is important to remember that for a beginner it will take a few months before you will be able to distinguish a species, so do not get discouraged.

Why the fascination?

Some people can spend hours watching birds, this is because bird watchers can see the beauty, power and mysteriousness of a bird compared to a human. There are thousands of species around the world, finding these different species in different countries becomes a hobby for bird watchers. Scientists today, watch birds over a period of time in order to tell how they react to changes in the environment, and can even use this as a warning for society.

Where to go bird watching?

Bird watching can be done in any region close to where you live. Many people choose their holiday destination based on bird watching opportunities, hoping to find unique species. The point of bird watching is also to take in the beauty of the environment around you, relax and enjoy the moment. Africa is one of the most renowned destinations for bird watchers, specifically South Africa. There are many safaris and adventures created for bird enthusiasts. Over 900 species of birds have been recorded in Southern Africa, and you can find the most attractive and colourful birds, such as the Firefinch and Narina Trogon there.

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