About me

Being a nature and adventure enthusiastic, I did various trekking in jungles, mountains, desert and more. What I was missing is to get lot of pictures of the places I have visited due to not having a camera. Since than I made a promise to myself that, I will go to that place where my camera reach first. For me photography is to satisfying my hungry soul.

I used to look and think before opening the shutter that this would be the moment which will be going to give me the pleasure which will last forever for sure. My heart and mind are the true lens of my camera as they drive me towards my passion and emotional attachment to the nature.

People generally ask me regarding my photos, which of the photographs is my favorite? The question is not that easy though not too difficult that made me saying the one I’m going to take next on. Because the best photograph is not the one which earns you more credit and praise but the one that fully expresses what you feel in the deepest sense.

The real artistry is a unique combination of the camera’s eye and the mind’s envision. There are numerous preeminent techniques though the original method of mixing classic techniques and traditional fine art photography and latest digital tools that gives physical presence as well as emotionally dramatic lighting, greater range of color fidelity and extraordinary details. What I personally believe is, light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing, light is everything.

Professional Summary:

I am an e-Marketing professional with a wealth of experience in numerous area of e-marketing, having an overall experience of 10 years in the field. A self motivated person also an able leader and mentor. I have coached and mentored a number of e-marketing professionals. I carried out e-marketing assignments for numerous international clients in various business domains.  Please visit my google profile for more information. My Google Profile