Photography, a unique and powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. If you are out there shooting, you will live within the happenings out there, all you wish to do is to “Feel” the Wild. If you’re not out there, you will only hear about it. My Wildlife photography website mainly contains Asiatic Lion pictures, Indian Birds, Lion Cubs, Photos of Lions and other Wildlife in India. Indian wildlife photography showcasing Asiatic lion pictures, Indian birds, lion cubs, striped hyena, desert fox, photos of lions and other wildlife in India.

Sarus Crane - Mom and KidBlack buckLion CubLion CubCute Lion CubStriped HyenaSmall Blue KingfisherDarter (Snake Bird)Indian Rock PythonThick KneePlum Headed ParakeetRudy Sell DuckSitana (Fan Throated Lizard)Painted StrokSociable LapwingBlack IbisBar Headed GheesSarus CraneDarter - Snake Bird Displaying WingsSquirrelMonitor LizardStriped HyenaWhite Stork take off

Photography is a creative art, which nourishes with each photograph that you click. While some photographers understand photography as a medium of communication, presentation of reality, others describe the photography in terms of expression for me photography is the link to bond with nature and its beauty.

An artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper and bunch of colors whereas the photographer begins with the finished product though the way of capturing and presentation make him artist. Artist shows the world his imagination while a photographer introduces you to the real world by glorifying the hidden beauties of world.